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Massey Ferguson 9100 Series Razorbar Disc Headers

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You need your disc header to cut crop cleanly and effectively, then condition it before depositing it in a consistent swath. Our Hesston by Massey Ferguson Razorbar disc headers do just that, offering industry leading performance to maximize the value of your hay.
  Innovation 9100 Series Razorbar Disc Header

At Hesston by Massey Ferguson, we understand what it takes to make quality hay. So we’ve designed and built our 9100 Series Razorbar disc header to be second to none, with unmatched features you can’t find anywhere else.

No weak points here

Where other headers have designed weak points for impact protection, we’ve taken the time to design our header to make sure it doesn't have any. Our 2-3 tooth to tooth contact design in our drive gears is strong enough to power through any field obstacles.

Take it to the max

Improving dry down time means you can bale sooner, so you can beat that rain storm rolling in and achieve a higher feed value. With Twinmax you get a second set of conditioners to crimp crop every 1-2”, allowing more places for moisture to escape so your crop dries even faster.

Cutting edge

Our Razorbar utilizes a common oil spur gear drive system that provides a low profile cutter bar to allow cleaner cutting, even at aggressive cutting angles. You won’t find scallops or streaks behind this header.

Under pressure

Conditioner tension is essential for proper conditioning. We’ve incorporated a hydraulic roll tension system in our razorbar headers to provide consistent, repeatable performance, time after time. This allows you to only have to make a single adjustment for tension.

  Capability 9100 Series Razorbar Disc Header

When it comes to exceptional header performance, we’ve got you covered. With 13’ and 16’ models available and steel on steel conditioner rolls, you can handle any situation from high quality alfalfa to biomass crops.

Crimp not crush

Hesston by Massey Ferguson razorbar disc headers are all equipped with steel on steel conditioner rolls to get the fastest dry down possible with the highest quality. Our philosophy is “crimp not crush”, so we only apply a crimp to the moist stem, while preserving the valuable leaf.

Match your operation

Our Razorbar Headers are available in 2 sizes, 13’ and 16’, giving you the versatility to fit a wide range of operations all over the place. Easily cut high quality alfalfa in Idaho, Bermuda grass in Oklahoma or biomass sorghum in Tennessee, all with the same head.

Cut the turbulence

Disc headers can create a lot of air movement that is troublesome for lighter crops. In order to ensure our headers perform well regardless of crop weight and density, we’ve included a turbulence reduction roll which helps minimize air movement and aides the feeding of the crop into the conditioner rolls.

The finished product

A consistent swath formation is key for optimal dry down. Our Razorbar headers always lay out a square-shouldered, even swath from side to side, maximizing surface area for ideal sunlight and airflow. Plus, swath delivery can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of any operation.


Model Header Width ft (m) Conditioners Swath Width in (m) Number of Discs Roll Tension Compatible Windrowers
9183 13 (4) 2 40 - 96 (1 - 2.4) 8 Hydraulic WR9860 & WR9870
9186 Twin Max 13 (4) 4 40 - 96 (1 - 2.4) 8 Hydraulic WR9860 & WR9870
9195 16 (4.9) 2 40 - 96 (1 - 2.4) 10 Hydraulic WR9860 & WR9870
9196 Twin Max 16 (4.9) 4 40 - 96 (1 - 2.4) 10 Hydraulic WR9860 & WR9870


9100 Series Razorbar Disc Headers
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